Pre-Wedding Photoshoot / Photobooth


Pre-wedding photoshoot

We did not opt for pre-wedding shoot coz we were not comfortable with the idea of being touchy2 before nikah. And we can’t take those feeling2 shots so we opted for post-wedding shoot with KKB. Dah halal so can touch2 abit more lah. Hehe

However, at the last minute, we decided to take some simple shots to print a poster for our receptions. So we engaged F’s friend who does photography for leisure. We brainstormed places to do the shoot and finally settled on Gardens by the Bay East.

Here are some pics: DSC02302 DSC02250 DSC02279 DSC02233 DSC02229DSC02258Outfits: My mix-n-match engagement outfit / His own outfit
Makeup/Hair: DIY
Props: Own
Vespa: mine! hehe

Thank you Asri Fotografi for these beautiful pics!

We chose 2 pictures and got Oneinkjet to print and frame it up for very cheap, I think like $17 each. We got easel stands and tadaaa! My reason for putting the picture was so that the hundreds of people yang di-jemput know how the bride and groom looks like. Haha!


Ok, next is photobooth. I had absolutely no budget to engage a photobooth vendor. I thought of just asking my friends to set up a table and take polaroid shots of my guest and man the guestbook table as well. But somehow, I strongly felt that I did not want to trouble my friends coz I wanted them to come as guests. So after much deliberation, I managed to get one of F’s close friend to do the photobooth at a relatively affordable price.

However, I attended my cousin’s wedding in Oct and she had a photobooth. My cousins and I enjoyed the photobooth so much that my aunt ‘forced’ me to agree to have the same vendor for my wedding. I told her of my financial situation and somehow she managed to get my cousins to share the cost of the photobooth vendor.

So yeah, I can have a photobooth!!!! I was so excited about it coz I get to design my own frame for the printouts. A big shout-out to Nizam from Wishpix for accommodating to my many requests. Using Microsoft Powerpoint (BIG LOL), I came up with a few designs:

layout1 layout2

And finally got to this one which I love so much!

1896930_374708632654491_6498731071498426580_n 10847930_374704262654928_1681135029492017929_n

10356207_10205705881952809_5055377240596675284_n(Blurry pic, I’m sorry.)

I requested for the pics to be hung around the gazebo and they turned out so lovely! Many many thumbs up to Wishpix! They gave out unlimited prints to my guests without my guests needing to pay additional $1-2 for each picture. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! And also, mega thanks to all my cousins who contributed! 😀

Ok more updates soon!




OMG my wedding is over and I want to type out every details that I can remember of the wedding for keepsakes. Will decide if I want to do it in separate entries or in 1 longggggggg entry. So I apologise for any grammar mistakes or ter-show off ke or meluat bila baca.

Firstly, I just wanna say a million Alhamdullilah everything was smooth. I worried for weeks about the bad weather in December. I prayed hard that it would not rain, at least during the majlis. My reception was under a tentage and I didn’t take side covers to keep costs low. But seriously, I cannot be anymore thankful and grateful that on Sunday, it did not rain one bit. It rained on Saturday though during Nikah, but at the right timings.

So where do I start?????? I’m sorry too if the entry is a bit incoherent. I will try my best to organize my thoughts! 🙂

Days leading up to the wedding was nothing but frustrating. I’ve updated about my venue woes but that was settled. Then I had my berkat to think about. I had initially wanted to give out Anis Choc Moist Cake as my berkat on reception day. I have been liaising with this kakak from JB and had plans to bring 800 pcs into Singapore. I was told that I may require pemrit and such, and true enough, when I enquired with AVA, they confirmed that I would need permit and pay taxes and blah blah blah. People told me I could just bring it in and split up between a few cars. But I didn’t want to trouble others. So to cut the story short, the kakak suggested I get it from her Singaporean supplier, but the price was not right. So I let it go and sourced out for alternatives.

I finally settled on cute little honey jars which I got from Divine Favorz who kindly took in my order 1 month before the wedding. My brother offered to sponsor for the honey favours, and that took off some load for me.

3 weeks to the wedding, I finally received my favour stickers which my sister-in-law ordered from Malaysia. OMG dealing with the printer lady was so sakit hati! I had designed my own stickers and just needed her to print. However, she said that it is too pixelated, so I didn’t want to fuss about it and let her do a simple design. It was VERY simple but I was okay with it coz I think that it is too minor to worry about. I made a few changes here and there and told her to include “Thank You” on the stickers. She sent me a draft and instead of Thank You, it was “Terima Kasih”. I told her again I want it to be “Thank You”. So she said okay, and will change before printing. I was so mad out of my wits when I received the stickers unedited! My SIL quickly told her off and demanded that she printed new ones for us at her own costs! Haiz, apa lah susah sangat nak faham. So anyway, here are the stickers for my favours:

2014-11-28 18.28.08

Simple, but okay. For 4 consecutive nights, I sat down in my room and put stickers on 800 bottles of berkat. I also cut some fabric which I bought from Mustafa Centre and tied twine strings on the honey jars. I absolutely loved the berkat and I’ve had friends telling me how they love it too!

2014-12-01 00.59.23

Guess what? My berkat was completely gone by 5.15pm when my majlis was supposed to end at 6pm. My brother-in-law even commented, “Tak pernah-pernah orang buat majlis kahwin, berkat habis! Bagus!” Yes, bagus coz we don’t have to deal with so many extras but tak bagus, coz some of my friends who came late didn’t get their berkats. 😦 I had 800 guests and 800 berkats. So I can only assume that my guests brought their families along or my parents terkasi lebih. But in any case, alhamdullilah, semua habis!

Kids berkat was sponsored by a kind benefactor. Since it was sponsored, I let her decide what she wants to give. I then added on the tags which I got from Carousell. Berkat budak pon habis! 😀 They were Hello Panda!

2014-11-26 00.15.08Okay, I think it looks like I talked about my berkats today. HAHA! I shall end here for now, coz my head is totally berkecamuk. Banyak benda nak tulis! Hehe.

Till later,

50 days.


And so it is about 50 days away from the wedding. The number keeps getting smaller and smaller and it is somewhat freaking me out! Yikes! But here is just another update post. Where shall I start…. Ok wedding cards. Collected and ready to be distributed! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The print is excellent and the words are clear and big enough for the elderly. I am not quite sure how we are to distribute it but I have asked around for addresses from my friends so that should be fine.. But to close relatives, I guess 1 day I have to be a despatch rider lah ni. I would need to sort that out with my parents.

Met up with the lovely couple of KAJ to finalize details of the decor. I can have my peach, cream and gold wedding! I have set my mind on these colours wayyy back and I have seen their past decors in those colours that I want. So it was pretty straight-forward. For the pelamin, they agreed to incorporate 2 designs into 1. I hope it will turn out lovely!! Super excited for that. F also took KAJ for decor, I am so glad! His previous vendor bailed on him and their decor was mehhh anyway. His side would be tiffany blue-ish. I am pretty sure it would be as awesome! 🙂

Since KAJ is also my caterer, I was told to finalize the menu items 1 month before. So I do still have time to choose what I want. But I will leave that to my parents.

The other major thing that I have not settled is our outfits. I contacted KKB though to set up a date for the outfit selection. I am very excited but nervous at the same time coz I am not sure if I am able to fit in the outfits. I was told that their sizes go up to XL which I hope is alright for my size. Will update more on that when it comes.

I have started some DIY projects for the wedding. I have decided to DIY the bunga pahar just coz I hated those ready ones from JB. urgh so ugly I cannot. I will most probably DIY the bridal room as well. Ah, speaking of bridal room. I finally threw away the old wardrobes in my brother’s room. We have decided to switch rooms coz his room is bigger. The furnitures are expected to arrive early Nov and we have to paint the room by then. I can’t wait for that!

All in all, everything is going fine for now. Alhamdullilah. I just hope it stays this way or better nearing to the date. Of course, I am not expecting a super smooth journey ahead, but we’ll see how it goes and we’ll take each day a step at a time.

Till later when I have more updates,

My appeal for a venue.


I have never thought that I would need to appeal for a venue. My main concern was tentage, not venue! Who would have thought that a court is not allowed for bookings? Once I finalized the quotation for my tentage, I immediately called my Town Council to book the court, but oh boy, I was turned down. I contemplated appealing, but after seeking advice here and there, I went ahead with the appeal. I sent an email to my MP, which reads something like this:

Dear Mr XXXX,
First and foremost, thank you for your contributions and representing our neighbourhood.
I would like to make an appeal to allow the court behind my block, —– , to be used as a venue for my wedding which is scheduled to be on the 13 and 14 of December, 2014. I wanted to hold the wedding at my void deck, but it is not feasible due to space constraints. Thus, the court behind my block would be the next best alternative.
I called the —– Town Council office on Monday, 15/09/14 at about 12pm to enquire about the usage of the court and to my dismay, I was told by the officer in charge of facilities bookings that it is not allowed.
As much as I am appalled by the answer given, I do understand why events are not allowed to be done on that court. However, I do seek your kind understanding to allow an exception for my case.
I have been sourcing out for other venues that I can hold my wedding. However, after much consideration, I find that having it at the comfort of my doorstep would be best. As quoted from the Ministry of National Development website:
  • Event Venue Selecting the perfect venue for your event is critical to the success of every wedding, birthday party, family or corporate event. If you are thinking of the best venue for your event, you may want to consider having it in your very own neighbourhood.
Hence, by depriving me the use of such facilities in my own neighbourhood, it will be added expenditure for me and my family to hold it elsewhere . It is also unfair that other people can hold their events at their convenience and enjoy such facilities in their estates while I can’t.
With that, I do hope that you will allow the exception and I appreciate your time.
Thank you and kind regards,
I was so anxious the whole day and I received an email less than 24 hours after sending out the email to say that they are pleased to open the court for booking FOR ME! So happy beyond words!!!!!
I am really so relieved but I know this doesn’t end here. I am sure to face other hurdles from now till the big day.
Till next time,

93 days


Ahhhhh I almost forget the existence of this blog. I was too busy and I had a trip to Las Vegas for summer school. But now I am so done with school! I can fully concentrate on wedding preps which has been progressing pretty well. Of course, no wedding prep can ever go smoothly so I had a lot of hiccups along the way. But Alhamdullilah, somehow things are falling into place now. There are still some major confirmations that I need to do like VENUE (URGHHH I WANT TO GET VENUE SETTLED ASAP!!!!!) and berkat.


Sigh I can vomit blood talking and thinking about venue. My family somewhat insist on having the wedding at my place instead of the community centre or MPH nearby. The problem is, I stay in a point-block which means that my void deck is super small. KAJ swinged by my place to take measurements and they confirmed that my void deck is too small. SO for the past month I have been trying to convince my mom to do the reception at the MPH nearby, but to no avail. I sourced out for tentages and I am pleased to say that there is a company offering to set up the tentage within my budget. I am still waiting for confirmation from them. If tentage company okay, KAJ okay and town council also okay, VENUE IS SETTLED. Once venue is settled, I can print my cards! (Will talk about this in a bit)

So, I went down to the court behind my block to take measurements and my dad was telling me about how he envisions the wedding to be. I am so glad he is willing to pay for the tentage. I was so happy and hyped up after that, that I quickly did a layout of the wedding which would be something like this:


2. Photobooth

I am soooo happy that I will have a photobooth at my wedding!!!! I have been contemplating this for the longest time and I can finally have one at a good price coz F’s good friend is offering a deal for it. YAY!

3. Cards

I am so in love with our cards. Both F and I engaged Card Maison and so far it has been great dealing with her. We chose one of her ready templates and even our parents like the designs! I have just received our final drafts after making several amendments and like I mentioned, once my venue is good to go, cards can be printed! Just some sneak peeks:

 Groom FrontBride Front

4. Wedding Trays and Gifts: 

Had our appointment with Kak Noni (who is F’s relative) sometime during the Raya period and we finalised our theme and ideas for the wedding tray. She did my dulangs for the engagement and I’m pretty sure it would be great! As for the gifts, I bought most of it in Vegas. We definitely saved a lot getting the things there coz everything is pretty cheap! F wanted Timberland boat shoes and it was only $80SGD there as compared to the retail price here in Singapore ($229SGD). Of course, I had to get 1 for myself! 🙂 I went a little bit crazy on the shopping there but worth it! I can’t wait for the wedding so I can start wearing all the items I got for myself. Hehe

5. Wedding bands

I thought I had set my mind on the Bvlgari Bzero1 ring in pink gold and F will get the Bvlgari Save the Children ring. We almost settled for this but somehow, I am happy we didn’t. I ruled out having diamonds on the ring and I wanted a simple band. F had not much choices but he finally found one that he likes from Tiffany & Co. He prefers to have mine matchy-matchy with his so in the end, I got a ring from Tiffany & Co too. One of my girlish dreams fulfilled! :))

I am super happy with the progress so far and I am taking each day, one day at a time. I hope to hear from the tentage company soon so I will have more progress to update!

Till then,

4th Anniversary


The 1st of January of each year ever since 2010 will hold a special place in my heart. It’s the day F and I got together after just 3 months of dating. Our transition from friends to couple was rather seamless as we really grew fond of each other.

I can still remember the night he asked me to be his as if it happened only yesterday. (Cliché, but true.)

It happened after midnight after the whole New Year’s fireworks at our all-time favourite hangout place, Tanjong Rhu. He held my hands and told me his feelings. I knew it was coming but I had no clue how he was gonna do it. After his whole speech, he took my hands, and put it on his chest. He said, “Touch my heart and tell me what you feel.” I felt so lost at that moment. I had no words to his question. I literally felt his heart and rubbed around. Lo and behold, there was actually something in his chest pocket! I squealed because I know exactly what it was. A name necklace that I’ve been wanting. That caught me by surprise as I knew he ordered it for me, but he kept insisting that he would only receive it after the new year.

It was definitely a life-changing moment for me. You know how they say “Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one”? I can vouch for that. F can never ever be compared to the other guys I dated. He is so much more.

It has been 4 years since, and I have never looked back.

Love you, F.

Till then, R.

Dream Wedding…. Dream on.


Every girl’s dream is to dream of a dream wedding.

Growing up with 2 brothers, I was quite a tomboy when I was a child. I kinda think I am secretly still a tomboy. I like soccer and I ride a bike. But…. I also think that I am a typical girly girl. I love anything floral, ribbons, BUTTERFLIES, pastel colours and fairy lights. In fact, my dream wedding would have butterflies everywhere! On the ceiling, on my cake, on my dress, on my veil, on my trays, on my invitation cards, on my bouquet and heck, I would even give a butterfly as favours!! In case you can’t imagine, allow me to illustrate that for you. 



Photo credits: Google images, Pinterest

In the words of Martin Luther King, I HAVE A DREAM. and my dream is this! 

Dreams do come true, don’t they? How about I ask my lovely decor trio if it is plausible? Even if it is not, I trust Kalau Ade Jodoh to make my wedding special. It was love at first sight when I laid my eyes on their previous works. When they wanted to show me their works at our first meeting, I told them, “Oh, you don’t have to. Everything you do is right up my alley.” I mean, look at this. 



Photo credits:

No butterflies….yes. But, I really love everything. The flowers, the love seat, the bird cage. In fact, we are signing our contract tomorrow and maybe they have more pictures for me to gush over. I absolutely can’t wait to work with them! Hopefully the meeting would put a good end to 2013. Once it is 2014, my days of being single are numbered. (not complaining………)

I think that’s enough for today. 

Till then, R. 


New Beginnings.


I have decided to start blogging about my wedding preparations after reading several wedding blogs. I’d say this is killing two birds with one stone as I can pen (or rather, type) down my thoughts, and this blog acts as a timeline. And, also to occupy myself at work (That’s three birds down).

As you can see from my Vendors page, we have booked most of our vendors. If you also notice, there are plenty of repetitions (meaning: same vendor for different services). I find it very, very convenient to engage minimal number of vendors. Lesser hassle, too. If I could engage only ONE vendor for everything, trust me, I would. But alas, that is not meant to be.

I will start writing detailed entries from time to time about the chosen vendors and inspiration for the wedding when erm, inspiration hits me.

Till then, R.